What’s the best lever harp for a beginner who may want to move up to pedal?

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    Jennifer Browning on #162476

    Hi all,

    I just started taking harp lessons this May and am having a great time so far.

    harp guy on #162477

    First of all, understand that the current Troubadour model [Troubadour VI] is MUCH better than the original Troubadours [in my opinion]. The levers have particularly improved.

    If you want to stay with Lyon and Healy, you have the option of the current Troubadour model, the Prelude 40 [looks and sounds like a small pedal harp], and the Ogden [has a more celtic shape].

    Tacye on #162478

    There are quite a few lever harps with pedal tension gut strings available.

    Jennifer Browning on #162479

    I’m in N. Texas.

    brook-boddie on #162480


    The newer Troubadours are much improved over the earlier models.

    Jennifer Browning on #162481

    Thank you for all the great input.

    Gillian Bradford on #162482

    A couple of things….

    If you don’t like the LH levers you could always have them changed to another brand that you do like. A harp repairer/maker would be able to do this for you. You are not stuck with what comes standard.

    If you don’t like the LH sound why stick with it? There’s more choice in the harp world and it’s better to have a harp you love the sound of than one you merely tolerate.

    I don’t really agree that if you want to go to pedal harp someday that you necessarily need a small harp that has the same spacing and tension as a pedal harp. Making the adjustment wouldn’t take very long at all, your fingers would learn amazingly fast so why limit yourself? Many harpists play pedals and lower tensioned celtic harps. They manage just fine, you would too. Technique is not significantly different.

    Get the harp you love because they’re not cheap and you won’t be satisfied with anything less.

    Rachel on #162483

    The Lyon and Healy Ogden is a more affordable lever harp.

    Janna B. on #162484

    I would suggest looking at any lever harps made by a company that also makes pedal harps.

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