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    kimberly-rowe on #61333

    So, I thought I’d start another one of these threads. What’s everyone working on these days? I’m working on @[[a-ceremony-of-carols:Piece:A Ceremony of Carols (Britten, Benjamin)]] along with @[[carols-and-lullabies-christmas-in-the-southwest:Piece:Carols and Lullabies; Christmas in the Southwest (Susa, Conrad)]] and @[[serenade-for-a-christmas-night:Piece:Serenade for a Christmas Night (Susa, Conrad)]] for some upcoming holiday church concerts. For solos I’ve been trying to memorize @[[etude-de-concert:Piece:Etude de Concert (Godefroid, Felix)]]. My trio is threatening to play the @[[elegiac-trio:Piece:Elegiac Trio (Bax, Arnold)]], so that’s always lurking. There are also a bunch of @[[images-3:Piece:Images 3 (Tournier, Marcel)]] I want to learn.

    So, what’s on your stand? We’d love it if you’d tag pieces. (Still working out some display glitches on tags….bear with us!).

    jennifer-buehler on #61334

    Sunita Staneslaw and Thom Dutton’s Christmas arrangements for Christmas Eve. Pop n Easy Nutcracker and Mary Jean Zarick’s Popular Christmas album for a nursing home gig. Thom Dutton’s Baroque Duos for New Years.

    Madeline Blood on #61335

    @[[a-ceremony-of-carols:Piece:A Ceremony of Carols (Britten, Benjamin)]], @[[saint-saens-christmas-oratorio:Performance:Saint-Saens: Christmas Oratorio]] and the Brock Christmas Music for Flute and Harp. Looking forward to putting those away so I can give @[[sonata-for-harp–2:Piece: Sonata for harp (Flagello, Nicolas)]] a little more attention.

    jordan-thomas on #61336

    Ceremony of Carols, Carols and Lullabies by Susa, Rapsodie Espangole, and Ginastera Harp Concerto trying to memorize the cadenza.

    kreig-kitts on #61337

    Monday I’ll get the part for Michael Daugherty’s Niagara Falls for a performance at the Maryland Music Educators Association annual conference in February.

    Christmas-wise, I’m tag-teaming with the organist for a few carols for a Christmas Eve service, including “Whence That Goodly Fragrance”.

    Longer term, I’ve started some work on Clare Grundman’s Nocturne for an informal competition in the spring, the winner of which plays a short piece in a concert in the band’s next season.

    william-nichols on #61338

    Hey, Im working on: Dussek: Sonata in C minor, Bach/Grandjany Etude No.3, The Interlude from a Ceremony of Carols, Wagner: Isoldes Liebstod, Adams Harmonielehre Harp 1, Tounier 2 Romantic Preludes, Schoenberg Arrangements of Bach’s Choral Preludes and Scheherazade.

    Anonymous on #61339

    There are a few songs I want to work on, but one of them is Bonny Swans by Loreena McKennitt. I had to check with my teacher,to see if I could learn it. Because as I’m at the beginner level, it could be a little too challenging for me to handle. So I needed to check with her to see if it would be too much. But she said I could work on it. Its a song that introduced me to Loreena McKennitt. I have attached a video clip. I love this song so much. Course we will see how crazy I get when learning it. But the best usually causes a challenge, right?

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