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    HBrock25 on #159320

    Hi, Guys, I’m new to all this so I need all the advice I can get. I have always wanted a harp, and now I am trying to decide

    ann reid on #159321

    Just a thought from a life long musician (certified in music ed) who started lessons with an excellent teacher 3 years ago.

    As you have observed, the three types of harp are very different. But also, you must take into account that the harp itself is VERY different from all other instruments, and having taught all of them except harp, I can tell you that it is definitely the easiest instrument on which to develop fiendishly bad habits quickly.

    If you want the same joy that you have from the harp as you have from other instruments, find a teacher and rent. I didn’t rent first and if I had, I would have purchased my lever harp from the same maker (Thormahlen) but bought the Swan instead of the Serenade.

    I am now taking lessons on pedal harp and love it, so no regrets at all about my Serenade, which sounds wonderful.

    I have been frustrated along the way because I’ve considered my progress to be slow, but I am getting to the point where there are sonderful pieces within my reach. You are not too old to do the same. There are some very good tutorials out there, but I’d bet that even the people who developed and published them would tell you that teaching yourself is not the same as being taught in the presence of a living teacher.

    Do what you love!

    Liam M on #159322


    Audrey Nickel on #159323

    I agree with the advice about finding a teacher and renting at first.

    You also should give some thought to what kind of music you want to play.

    harp guy on #159324

    Furthermore, if you needed continuous music, and couldn’t change selections, you could always transpose them to the key you need. Many a time I have done this. I play Greensleeves in like… 4 different keys. One thing that is helpful is to get software that you can notate the music in, then with a couple of clicks you can transpose the whole arrangement.

    michael-rockowitz on #159325

    I play cross-strung, pretty well exclusively these days.

    Minnesota Harpist on #159326

    Michael- I tried to check out that group and it won’t go to that URL.

    michael-rockowitz on #159327

    I think you may have to join to actually read the messages.

    Liam M on #159328


    How is the search going?

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