What Song Is This?

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    rozelle-sunkel on #183138

    Does anyone know the piece the two girls are playing in this video?


    Thank You

    Kristan Toczko on #183155

    It’s Caroline Lizotte’s harp solo called Suite Galactique, a section from the first movement.

    rozelle-sunkel on #183157

    Thank you.

    carl-swanson on #183165

    I don’t know why this drives me nuts, but it does. A SONG is a piece of music that has words to it that someone sings!!!!! A PIECE is a piece of music that has no words and is NOT sung!!!!!!!!!

    Allison Stevick on #183185

    Oh, it makes me sad to see text-yelling in response to a simple conversation about beautiful music. I once made the mistake of improperly differentiating between tunes and songs, too. I was gently and politely instructed about the difference, for which I was grateful. I think if I had been scolded, I would have felt very embarrassed and reluctant to contribute to the forum in the future.

    Gretchen Cover on #183198

    When Carl said song/piece drives him nuts, I took his bold text to mean he was venting his frustration, not making an attack. My harp instructor felt the same way as Carl. I never made the mistake (or knowingly) about mixing up song and piece after her “friendly” reminder:) But, now we know the name of the PIECE.

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