what kind of harp shall i buy ?

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    unknown-user on #167187

    im gonna start ..
    can sumbody tell me which or what kind of harp i should buy?
    i really dont know whats the differences between those styles and
    other things..
    and how much will it be for my lesson ?

    unknown-user on #167188

    Look at the thread “buying first harp” in the harps and accessories forum. It got a lot of responses and is very informative. If you know anyone who plays the harp, good, but if not, do lots of internet research. I would personally NOT recomend that you buy one on e-bay. A lot of it depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

    S M on #167189

    YES, do LOTS of internet research!!!

    unknown-user on #167190

    I can tell you what NOT to buy.. whatever you do, don’t buy a Venus. I have to use the one
    my high school has for orchestra, and it’s my least favorite kind of harp. They’re really
    heavy, they don’t have little wheels at the bottom, and they don’t even sound very good.
    It’s like refuge coming home to my own Camac.. but I’m soon going to be purchasing a

    unknown-user on #167191


    Please don’t make disparaging comments about all Venus harps based on your experience of just one instrument. Schools are notorious for not taking good care of their instruments and I see the results every day in my line of work. Perhaps the harp you use isn’t a great harp, or perhaps it is but hasn’t been well cared for. I once knew someone who had a negative experience with a Ford car and would never buy one again. Does this mean Ford is a bad company and only make rubbish cars? No! There are plenty of folks out there who love their Venus harps and I’m sure some of them will chip in. For the record, I tried Venus and Camac, and decided on the Camac. It was just my personal preference – they were both beautiful harps. You also seem unaware that the Venus Penti, Diplomat & Criterion weigh only 84lb (according to Venus’ website); the Salzedo weighs 85lb (according to L&H website). You are welcome to your opinions but please check your facts before making sweeping statements like “Venus harps are really heavy”. This sort of negative comment is unfair to a fine company.

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