What harp would this be?

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    louie-p–2 on #77614


    Thanks anyone!

    nicoletta-terzi on #77615

    It seems an Aoyama Musa

    Sid Humphreys on #77616

    I looked but the picture is too small and fuzzy to make it out….

    louie-p–2 on #77617

    Thank you Nicky!!!! Ah. I finally know what this beautiful harp is… Haha and sorry bout that Sid!

    emma-graham on #77618

    I think it’s actually a gilded Aoyama Delphi. It’s difficult to tell from that video but it’s a bit flat looking to be a Musa. One of her other videos here shows a clearer but brief shot of a Delphi right at the beginning so I would guess its the same harp?


    (Not sure I would want to load my harp that way!!!)

    louie-p–2 on #77619

    Thanks Emma. I do not know if I would want to load my harp that way either! Lol!

    kimberly-rowe on #77620

    Hey everyone, did you know you can embed your youtube links right here on HC and they will show up in the thread! Just click “media” and enter your link in the “video link from youtube” space. It will look like this!

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