What happened to my post?

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    hearpe on #189530

    I dunno- nothing could possibly be construed as obscene or libelous.

    I thought it was eloquent and helpful as it was designed to be- no messages for me?

    wil-weten on #189534

    Hi Hearpe, I think there may have gone something wrong when you posted your previous mail which you are now missing. Namely, when one uploads a message, it reaches all the subscribers. And as no message of yours about a non-harp subject reached me, it will have reached no-one…, so I guess your post which you are missing now somehow did not reach the forum when you tried to submit it.

    There are no bullies here on this forum! Any one who tries to bully will be taken care of. No worries. So just relax and, like all the rest of us and have a great time here!

    hearpe on #189535

    No, actually it WAS here- and it is still on my personal log, and now I have saved it to my files.

    So as you may see if you missed it in the hours it was up from last night until sometime today- it is not slanderous libelous or obscene in any way- I studied these things in Journalism school- then I hope no one here will have any objections to it when I repost it, if it’s just a glitch then.

    hmmmm, Also, the hosting platform here has now gotten like others I’ve seen lately on the net, and keeps leaving out letters I’ve type, and making this post laborious indeed. Let’s hope that this improves too, because I’ve never had this happen o me here, and the timing IS strange ad paranoia inducing.

    The Outer Limits ! ooh , scary, cotrolling (SIC)

    Now today- 8/9- I can’t get anything to post- My icon is there, I click on the post link, I even finally get a screen that tells me “You’ve said that” But I HAVEN’T said that. It does not post now
    suspicious- and I have had such things happen to ne at other sites

    The host is not dropping letters off my typing though- just not putting anything at all- so I’m trying this edit.

    wil-weten on #189537

    Hearpe, when a post about a new subject is uploaded, I get it directly in my mail. When a post in a thread I participated in, is submitted, I get it directly in my mail. I did not get a mail of yours in my mail.

    Actually, why don’t you submit it again? And you will see it posted here on this forum.

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