What ensemble opportunities have any adult beginners found?

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    HBrock25 on #159464

    Hi everyone, thanks for continued input to my initial posting on beginning the harp later in life. I have initially decided on renting a lever harp and am looking at the options for Pilgrim Harps in the UK (where I live) but have also asked for information from the Clasarch society who rent at a considerably cheaper rate to members. Although I know that for some time I will be completely absorbed in learning to play for myself I am wondering what opportunities some of you adult learners have had to play with other musicians? Making music with others has always been an important part of music making for me ( I now sing in a chamber choir) and whereas I would not have aspirations to perform at a high standard in an orchestra at this stage in my life I would like to think that at some point it might be feasible to play with other people in a range of genres.

    sherry-lenox on #159465

    I believe you and I are in the same boat, Helen.

    Just now I’m looking forward to taking a small ensemble class at our local two year college. Many of the students in my Theory IV class are also enrolled in the ensemble group so we have an idea of what to expect of one another.

    I’m not sure how your schools are structured for young adults but it might be something for you to find out about.

    Karen Johns on #159466

    Hi Helen,

    I don’t know if you belong to a church, but many churches usually have instrumental players, and I’m sure they would love to add a harpist. Also, check out community bands- this is a great networking opportunity to find other local musicians. I found two wonderful flute players this way, and started my own ensemble. Also, check out your local theater groups- especially those involved in musicals. A lot of musicals call for chamber musicians that play cello and/or violin, if you are looking for other stringed instruments to play along with. If you’re looking to play Celtic music, try calling around to Irish style

    jennifer-rehfisch on #159467

    Hi Helen

    You could try contacting your local branch of the clarsach society to find out what they organise.

    karen on #159468

    Here in Santa Barbara, CA we were extraordinarily fortunate to have Laurie Rasmussen as our harp teacher and she has taken on the added responsibility of creating an ensemble group with her students. We meet twice a month and will perform the songs we work on together in May at our annual recital. If that goes well, there is a chance we will play “out” together as an offering at a nursing home or the like. We are all at different levels which is a testament to her teaching and ability to create a framework that we can all fit into to create music together at the level we are at individually. More than half of us are students who took up the harp later in life.

    Perhaps your harp teacher would give this idea some consideration.


    kreig-kitts on #159469

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