What does P.O. stand for in Marie-Claire Jamet’s edition of Bach Suite #1 stand for?

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #147765

    I am going through Marie-Claire Jamet’s edition of the Bach Suite #1, BMV 996, and the term p.o. occurs here and there. It might mean “pouce ouvert” (open thumb) or “palme ouverte” (open palm) but I don’t know for sure. Anybody have the answer?

    michael-steadman on #147766

    i don’t have the music in front of me but probably it is “position ordinaire” – probably after a passage of pdlt?


    Misty Harrison on #147767

    yes that’s it

    Misty Harrison on #147768

    it can be after pdlt and sometimes too after an 8va or 8vb passage even though that’s rare

    carl-swanson on #147769

    That must be something she invented herself. I’ve studied lots of French music and have never encountered it. It’s also not something that her father, Pierre Jamet, ever mentioned to me in lessons.

    carl-swanson on #147770

    If I get a chance this weekend I’ll email Marie-Claire and see what she has to say about that indication.

    Misty Harrison on #147771

    p.o. is standard notation but not everyone uses it sometimes they just use the wiggly line

    if you write pdlt then you need to know when to go back to normal position

    if you use a wiggly line then you go back to normal position when the wiggly line is gone

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #147772

    I checked Beatrice Schroeder Rose’s book, and it is not in there. I have also looked in the Renié method book and I don’t see it in there, either. I would appreciate it if you could tell me which page it is on. It doesn’t appear in the section on Different Heights of the hands on the Strings. Again, if I have missed it, please let me know where it is. I am a bit busy organizing the World Harp Congress, so I don’t have time to look for the other books, but that is why I asked this forum. It’s fast and easy, and usually you get a polite response.

    michael-steadman on #147773

    “position originale”?

    Misty Harrison on #147774

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I don’t think my response was not polite

    I simply gave you the references it’s in

    said it might be in the Schroeder Rose

    Misty Harrison on #147775

    btw the section on hands at different levels on the strings is not so much about pdlt as it is about playing slightly lower than middle

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