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    just wondering… do you wear any accessories (rings, watches, bracelets…) when playing?

    i used to remove my watch and ring while playing. but after i got robbed once from my bag (where i’ve placed my wedding ring in it) i don’t really feel that comfortable any more these days, removing my “renewed” wedding ring each time i play/practise… though, it’s also not that easy playing with a ring on the left hand, kinda disturbs the muffling. in germany wedding rings are not worn on the right hand so… hmmm…


    If it is ring security you are worried about you could string them on a necklace whle you play.

    Sid Humphreys

    I don’t wear any jewelry while playing. I used to put my ring in my gig bag, like you, but one time my bag was kicked over (in the orchestra pit) and things fell out including my ring. Nothing was lost thank Goodness. Now I leave my watch and ring at home. There is also one nice gouge in the column of my harp where my ring dug in to it while loading in my car a few years ago (another good reason not to wear bling while playing). If a student comes in for a lesson with any jewelry they must also remove it.


    The gouge from the harp digging in while loading reminded me of another ring danger. This might freak some people out a bit, but if the ring catches on an uneven spot in the wood, it could shave a bit off, which would drive the shaved piece of wood I to our finger. I knew someone whose wedding ring once caught on a ding in a sheet of aluminum, and the sliver went up into his finger. He had to go to the ER immediately and get the ring cut off and have the piece of metal surgically removed. He nearly lost his finger. I think I’ve sufficiently terrified everybody now.

    Allison Stevick

    I wear my wedding ring and a right-hand ring. Sometimes I wear a right-hand bracelet. I don’t usually have any trouble, but my ring bands are very narrow and light.

    Paul and Brenda

    We have always worn our wedding rings.

    Angela Biggs

    I wear my wedding band, but nothing else on my hands/arms.

    Whether or not a wedding band works for you while playing might have something to do with the shape of your hand. My husband’s fingers meet his palm with a smooth joining; whenever he drops his left hand onto a surface, his ring smacks that surface. (The inside handle on our car door is always banged up by the time we’ve had a car for a few months!) My fingers meet my palm slightly further back, so that my ring rests in a sort of gully on the inside surface of my hand, and I don’t have that problem.


    I keep my rings on (wedding and engagement, grandmother’s wedding ring and one other gold band) though they are all fairly discreet and I certainly wouldn’t wear anything large. I normally like bangles and bracelets a lot but would never wear them while playing because they just rattle around too much. I do make a lot of my own jewellery though and have discovered that a snugly fitting cuff is wearable (opinions will differ on whether it is a distraction to one’s audience but I don’t yet play for audiences so don’t have that problem). My favourites are woven bead cuffs with no dangly or fringed embellishments and a flat fastener that cannot brush against the strings by accident.


    I remove both my wedding ring and watch when ever I play. If I am playing out I just leave them at home.

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