what do you take to gig?

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    michelle-winston on #164143

    I had to fill in for someone on Sunday very last minute, my first gig in years although I am preparing for several more.

    andy-b on #164144

    While I’ve personally never taken makeup and pantyhose

    unknown-user on #164145

    Couldn’t agree more on the bug spray issue, take it, but yes also

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164146

    Harp, dolly, string bag (with tools) — and it’s small but holds a complete set of spares my tuner and tuning key

    catherine-rogers on #164147

    Those battery lights are nice and sometimes necessary, but I’ve yet to find one that throws as much light on both the music AND the strings–very important–as a regular stand light with the usual 40 watt bulb. I always have in the car an extra bulb and extra extension cords.

    In addition to those items others have mentioned, I keep in the car extra tuning key, set of wire strings, towels, bandaids, extra watch, a wire stand in case another stand is needed, second stand light for a partner, extra set of pedal springs, extra discs, extra batteries, extra tuner in case the primary fails, second pair of playing shoes. These are all things I have needed in the past. May sound like overkill but you just never know. And that’s not listing everything I always have with me!

    catherine-rogers on #164148

    Oh, and I also keep in the car a can of hair spray for those windy outdoor jobs, can of static guard, can of bug spray to clear the surface where you set up in case it’s an insect festival, and a can of cat food for stray kitties.

    unknown-user on #164149

    I never take any hairsprays or anything… the thing is I have a habit of running my hands through my hair… not cause I’m nervous or anything… just something I do all along the day.

    unknown-user on #164150

    “take extra cables if you’re amplified (The sight of a stage makes
    cables break, just part of cable karma, inexplicable but inexorable as

    Haha! Song Sparrow, that’s so very true! As a harpist I needed aplification only once and it was ok, but as a singer I know all about stage-frightened cables! I also tend to forget about water, it always seems like a small bottle of water is something easy to find, but off-course it’s not alway so…


    Audrey Nickel on #164151

    This is a timely thread!

    Leigh Griffith on #164152

    Hi Audrey,

    If you are using music outdoors, don’t forget something to keep your
    music from blowing around – clothespins and rubber bands are two things
    I’ve seen used.

    barbara-low on #164153

    Hmm, some great ideas here. If I don’t know what kind of surface I’m playing on, I bring a small oriental rug with a non-slip undermat. if I’m playing outdoors, I bring along a mat or rug to protect the bottom of the harp, shims to level my music stand if I’m on an uneven surface, sungasses and sunblock (though I try to keep me and the harp out of the sun).

    My gig bag holds munchies, water, kleenex, needle and alcohol swabs, tuner, extra batteries, battery powered music stand light, full set of strings, nail clippers to clip nails and strings, extra tuning keys, a door stop, and a screw driver for emergency repairs. I keep needle nose pliers in the car. Most of my music is in a binder, but I bring along loose sheet music and collections if needed.

    I don’t bring extra panty hose, but do bring along a shawl and have fingerless mitts for when it gets cold.

    And I’ve found a GPS to be invaluable – at the very least, Google Maps directions and the phone number for the venue.

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