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    Minnesota Harpist

    There is no way I’m going to spend $600 on a bench/seat/stool/chair.


    Spend the money! Work chairs are not appropriate. I have a heavy, piano artist bench, and it should last the rest of my life. It also looks decent on stage. You do not want something with wheels or a back. There are some benches that are less than $600. A harp bench is the suitable thing for good reasons. The bench should match the harp as closely as possible. It needs to have sturdy legs and adjustable height. It needs to be made to last.

    Karen Johns

    I have an adjustable keyboard bench that I reupholstered. Cost me about $7 at my local dollar store, and has served me well for over 2 years now. It has a sturdy metal frame and no back. I cover it with a velvet throw and it dresses it right up, plus I can tuck extra music under it this way too.



    Hi Carol,

    I just bought a Quik-Lok Keyboard Bench from Sam Ash Music Store (not sure you have this music store chain in your area) for $50.00, but I’m sure other music stores would also sell this brand….It’s very well-padded, and well built, which I like, has four adjustable positions, which is great for me, since I just bought another (Triplett) harp that stands only 50in. high..And it collapses very easily, and can be hung on a harp dolly for transporting……Good Luck in (all) your searching!



    I like the Adjustrite bench from Sylvia Woods. It has a back rest and the legs are adjustable in case you like to have the front legs lower. It folds for easy transport and costs about $185.

    Minnesota Harpist

    Thank you – these are very helpful.


    I see nothing wrong with a back on a bench either. When you play long gigs it’s rather nice for short spurts between numbers to rest your back. It’s also healthy. Not everyone plans on being on stage anyhow. Also that expensive heavy bench is a big pain to even move around the music room at home. No thanks!

    Anita is right. You can lower the front legs if you are outside and on an incline….even a small one makes a difference, and I did just that when I played outside for 4 weekends. It worked wonderfully well.

    I’ve tried several different types of benches, and my favorite personally is the Adjustrite.



    Carol, are you aware how much the comfortable height of a harp seat can vary with the harp? My harp stools vary between 8 and 24 inches in height, and even at superficially similar harps I may select quite different stool heights.

    Minnesota Harpist

    Thanks Tacye- very good advice.


    I got an american stool called Soundseat,

    Minnesota Harpist

    Thanks Harriet- I’m going to check this out.


    I use this harp bench I got from the Harp Connection. I’ve used the drum stools with smaller lever harps, but this has just as much cushion and I like the wider seat. This is the most expensive of a couple of similar models at about $116.



    It looks really comfortable, but I would miss the back-support.Also the

    Minnesota Harpist

    Andy, I was just looking at something like this earlier and think it will be what I get- altho it is a fair amount cheaper than yours.


    I second the vote for a Quik-Lok bench – got my from Cascio Interstate – I have used it for several years now and it wears like iron – I carry it to all my gigs.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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