What did you play in 2014/what's up for 2015

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    Gretchen Cover on #184857

    I am trying to keep my gig music current and also just like to have an idea of new harp music to learn. What were your most requested pieces last year? What is important to have in current gig repetoire? Any music you put on your list to learn in 2015? A belated Happy New Year to all.

    Sylvia on #184865

    I just learned A Thousand Years and Everything I do for a wedding coming up in March.
    I also just learned the theme from The Godfather because I think it’s pretty, and music in minor helps vary the sound of dinner music.
    I think your rep kind of depends on where you are. I play lots of Mexican music, but others probably don’t.

    Gretchen Cover on #184869

    Thanks Sylvia. It seems all the harpists now play A Thousand Years. I just added it to my repetoire even though I’m not wild about the song. If anyone is interested, Michelle Stone has two nice arrangements available on http://www.harpcolumnmusic.com along with a video of her playing the advanced version.

    Sylvia on #184874

    I just learned those two songs because the bride wants to walk in on lK and out on Everything I Do. I learned just the first part of Everything because I figure that will get her out…she doesn’t have far to go.

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