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    Karen Johns

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    I am in my 30s and have been studying the harp for about 7 years. I play the harp simply because I love it. I’ve loved it and wanted to play it since I was very young, but simply didn’t have the resources and couldn’t find a teacher. Joys of living in a country half way around the world from everyone else (Indonesia). I finally got the chance to learn it after I finished my university studies (which has nothing to do with music whatsoever).

    I would really love to be able to play in an orchestra, but being a late starter, I know I can never be good enough to be a professional player. I tried to take ABRSM exams just to know that I am making progress. Would really love to be able to meet and learn from other harpists, take master classes or join camps…but again am hindered by location and often by age limits. So I guess my goal is to at least be able to play decently, with the correct technique, and keep making progress (albeit very slowly)…so that people can actually enjoy my playing.

    Philippa mcauliffe

    I am 13 and have played for 5 years. I have goals for whatever I am working on which include technical aspects, note learning, quality of sound, finding different colours, shaping, performance preparation etc etc and an ever increasing list of pieces I want to learn next to pick from. I usually have orchestra parts to learn within a specific time frame and pieces to polish for performances. I guess short term week to week it is to satisfy my teachers that I have done what they asked to their satisfaction. Longer term it is to be as good as I can be and to be able to perform to a similar level to the one I play at at home.


    I am 16 and have been playing the harp for 11 years. Right now, my goals are 1) preparing for college auditions, 2) playing excellently for my youth orchestra/chamber music groups, and 3) improving my sight-reading. I love the harp dearly, and while I’ve played other instruments, I feel that the harp is my “voice” and I hope to continue my playing at an excellent college/university. One of my life-time goals for harp playing will be expression- learning to delight and challenge audiences with sensitively rendered music.
    I definitely feel that my teachers are helping me achieve these goals, and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful and talented instructors.

    Lynne Abbey-Lee

    Don’t let the rudeness of one person destroy your enjoyment of the harp! Beautiful playing at any level is a gift to the listener, so let that be your goal. I have a special fondness for my adult students. What they bring to the harp, and to me, is significant. I just checked your profile, and it shows you’re in Virginia (I lived in Richmond for 15 years), so I would advise
    you to check out the Beginning in the Middle seminar, in Williamsburg. You’ll be able to meet other harpists who began as adults, work with inspiring teachers, and become re-energized. Good luck with whatever you do!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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