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    Currently restoring my grecian harp . Unlike my other harp it has a sealed soundboard so the holes for the strings are a lot bigger. It has lots of these wooden pegs that seem to be made out of ebony inlayed with what looks like mother of pearl. Attached is a picture. Sadly although I have quite a few- at some point many have been losses and replaced with cheap soft wood ones that don’t really fit and look aweful.
    Firstly what are these called?
    Does anyone have any for sale?
    Where could I buy them ?
    Or is it possible to get any made?


    They are called string pegs and some sizes can be replaced with slotted guitar bridge pegs – and possible a bit of work with sand paper because the holes may not be standardised.


    That’s why I love forums- thankyou


    I’ve had many made by a local body piercing artist who makes a lot of the jewelry for his shop. He’s very good with a jeweler’s lathe and has a good supply of ebony and other precious woods, as well as mother-of-pearl, bone, abalone, and the like. I just took him some samples of the sizes needed, and he did an excellent job.


    Leon – sorry to do this because I know you’re not comfortable with posting pics, but one inquiring little mind here would love to see a photo of your Grecian harp!


    Here you go lyn ( it’s ok iv worked out how to do it!!)


    Another pic


    And another


    Beautiful Grecian and BEAUTIFUL red room!


    Indeed a nice old lady. Forgive me if it is obvious to you, but never, ever, go near the mechanism or plates of a harp with brass polish.


    Oh yes, she’s very elegant, isn’t she! Thanks for posting. Leon. I’m still not that great at identifying the differences between various styles of harp so all these pictures are part of my continuing education.


    Well thanks for letting me know about what that pins are called- found some on my favourite site (eBay) they sell a set of six for £4 made of ebony with mother of pearl inlay . Most should fit and the others I can cut down to size so I can get rid of the nasty wooden bodged ones it has in places.


    Morley Harps in the UK carries strings for Grecians, so I imagine they would have these. Although I didn’t see them on the website, if you contact them they probably would be able to help/provide info.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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