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    Laura Adams on #150662

    I play for a few weddings and I’d really like to extend my repitoire a bit more. Currently I play a range of baroque and classical pieces as well as some folk and latin ones. I wonder if anyone knows any good books of romantic (shumann, debussy etc) arrangements for the lever harp, or any books of classic love songs or well known arias they use for weddings? Are there any other type of music you play at wedding receptions?



    jennifer-buehler on #150663

    The two books I use most are the Balderston Wedding Book and the Riley/Kolle wedding book.

    Miriam Shilling on #150664

    I have fun playing Standards.

    Stephanie Bennett on #150665

    I’ve just this minute published RIBBON IN THE SKY (Stevie Wonder) which I’ve had requested for several weddings. My book includes both a lever arrangement and a pedal arrangement.

    onita-sanders on #150666

    This is just a thought,

    Jerusha Amado on #150667


    You’ve given such wonderful advice here!

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