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    unknown-user on #167178

    Hey, I’m Serina, 16 years old. I’ve I been playing the harp for about
    a year and a half, and I was recently asked to consider playing at a
    really nice restaurant, for weddings, but I have no idea what kind of
    music I would need to learn to play. Does anyone have any suggestions
    on what music I could learn for weddings? Any advice would be helpful!

    unknown-user on #167179

    Have you played any gigs before? Weddings tend to be tougher than most gigs since brides can be so stressed out and particular. I’m not sure how advanced you are or whether you play the pedal harp, so it’s difficult to suggest specific music. I’ve mentioned some songs that are popular and that you would know.

    Learn pieces like Canon in D, the traditional wedding march, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, etc. for when the bride and the bridal party come down the aisle. Any song that has an even calm tempo like that is fine. Always have choices for the bride, and meet with the bride before the wedding to go over the music.

    You will need prelude music for while people arrive (have extra since brides are basically always late). This music should be generally classical and relaxing and fade into the background while people arrive. For the ceremony you will need songs for the bride, mother of the bride, and any other people coming down the aisle. Other ceremony music really depends on the wedding. There may be a candle lighting, communion and traditional mass music (if you’re playing in a restuarant, though, this shouldn’t be needed), music between readings, etc. At the end, you will need music for the couple leaving (Ode to Joy, for example) and then music for while everyone else leaves. If you play the reception, you will obviously need music for that, too.

    Definitely ask your teacher. If your teacher doesn’t support you in this, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Don’t get in too over your head or you won’t enjoy it or learn from it. Have enough music to tailor the wedding to the couple (a fairy tale Disney wedding requires different music than a combined Catholic-Jewish wedding). You also need to be sure that your harp can be heard throughout the area. I may have forgotten some things. Anyway, good luck and have fun.

    Evangeline Williams on #167180

    I think Sylvia Woods has a good religious/wedding book.

    unknown-user on #167181

    i am 15 and have been playing for approx a year and a half, i was also asked to play at a wedding. my teacher told me that i should play relativly easy music so i can play it with out my nerves getting in the way.
    i was told to play firmiliar and recconisable tunes such as cannon in D and so on
    hope this helps

    Janna B. on #167182

    I know this is very late but I just saw it and wanted to reccomend an excellent book: Wedding Music for the Lever Harp by Beth A. Kolle and Laurie Riley (MelBay Publications). This book is devided into sections titled preludes, proccesionals etc. There are traditional as well as not-so-well-known

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