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    I posted a reply on the other thread. Thanks for bringing this up!



    The casing rate is up to the craftsman, you.

    24 fps is the standard casing rate shot by film cameras (cine)

    30 fps is the NTSC standard casing rate utilized for TV.

    The length of the feature is played back at the same casing rate it was shot, it truly does not make a difference.

    Realize that a 30 fps feature utilizes more information than a 24 fps feature, that just makes sense.

    I would be more concerned with the CMOS sensor over warming at simply the wrong time amid the shoot coming about with you remaining around attempting to look proficient as the sensor chills sufficiently off to permit you to begin shooting once more.

    This is the reason all the videographers I realize that shoot weddings utilize a fitting camcorder. They have none of the overheating issues that torment dSLR cameras when utilized as a camcorder. <B></B>

    This is the reason it is so vital to do an expense examination that incorporates the expense of any rental hardware required for any shoot, including weddings. This expense of rental rigging is added to the shooting charge. The benefit originates from the prints and feature DVD’s you (or your essential picture taker) offer after the shoot is finished and all the altering of the feature has been finished by you or an expert feature proofreader

    Gerrard Els

    How much would the current rate be for weddings / functions? I see this post is from a few years back. Some people in my area even feel that a fee of $200 is too expensive incl travel distance of about 50 miles…

    Don’t know if people also charge more for lever harps vs. pedal harps as my teacher who is a professional orchestral harpist with a pedal harp would include a mortgage fee such as harp handling and harp insurance etc. in their fee

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    Hi, Gerrard,

    I don’t know where you are located, but we are in western North Carolina, USA. The current rates for weddings, without having to be at the rehearsal, are around $350. here. I prefer to charge about $50 more than that for having to transport my pedal harp, compared to the ease of moving my lever harp. The rehearsal would be an additional $50. If we have to travel far, mileage charges would be added. Sometimes, I say “you need to pay all my expenses, if I have to spend the night in a hotel,” for example. Hope this gives you some idea. Maybe other harpists will post here, too!

    Best wishes,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

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