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    crochetchick on #190805

    Hi harp community,

    I have decided it’s time to get serious about playing for money, more than just the random gigs that happen to find me, and I want to create a website. I’m not really sure what is reasonable to pay or expect for a good site and I’m hoping some of you have some experience and advice. I’ve gotten a couple quotes from web developers but want to make sure I am investing my money wisely. I have already decided against do it yourself websites. I have seen too many bad sites. If I do this, I want it to be done right so it reflects well on me as a professional. So here are my questions.
    1. About how much did you pay for your site, or do you feel you would pay for a good site?
    2. Any companies or platforms you recommend I use or don’t use?
    3. What functionality do you think is needed in a good harp site? What does yours have, or what do you wish yours had? Here are some things I am thinking would be nice to have besides straight content: pictures, audio and video samples, contact form, calendar (for performance and gig schedule), online contract signing (I hate waiting for contracts in the mail), a way to sell CDs from the site.

    Thank you for your advice. And I’d love to see your websites if you are referencing your own as an example.

    Alyson Webber on #191528

    The March/April 2015 Harp Column issue has some information about the kinds of things you should put on a website, and Kristina Finch’s blog covers some of the ways to get recording samples to potential clients.

    I also wanted to see if this tread could be revived, as I am looking into making a website myself!

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