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    unknown-user on #168141

    My daughter (9) will be taking harp lessons, can any one recommend
    good websites(besides this one, which is great by the way)

    patricia-jaeger on #168142

    Tammy, try http://www.harpspectrum.org. It is a non-profit site that tries to educate students and other interested readers, about the harp. Nothing to buy, no required registration with personal information. Just interesting articles by professionals about the world of the harp. Your daughter will also learn new harp terms used in her music, in the Glossary on the site.

    unknown-user on #168143

    Try lyonhealy.com, harpmall.com,
    Actually if you go to askjeeves.com, and type in “harp” you will get tons of websites. Most of those websites contain even more links to harp websites. Best of wishes! Tell your daughter we’re all rooting for her! Let her get involved with harp summer camps, that will help a ton! Email me if you have any other questions!

    donna-benier on #168144

    Tammy, I put this list together for our Rochester Harp Network people last year; most are probably still current sites. (All are preceded by www.)

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