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    carl-swanson on #194103

    I just discovered this morning(because a client emailed me about it) that when you try to go to my web site, http://www.swansonharp.com, you get thrown into an online gambling site!! I just got off the phone with my web designer and he’s trying now to figure out where the problem is. Until it’s fixed, you can get to my site by typing the web address, http://www.swansonharp.com, into the space at the top of the screen, but NOT by using a search engine like Google. Using the search engine makes the search go to the gambling site. UGH!!!!!

    carl-swanson on #194111

    Well I just tried again, and if I type Swanson Harp Company into the Google search engine, what I’m sent to is an online gambling site. But if I use ASK(which is another search engine) then I get sent to my web site. So the problem seems to be with Google. I wonder how many (thousands) of sites are having the same problem?!

    Gretchen Cover on #194112

    Carl, unfortunately for you this is not just a google problem. I tried to access your site via yahoo and the online gambling site came up. You cannot click on your links, either, without the online gambling site replacing yours. I thought perhaps you could be having a problem with your computer but it seems to be your website.

    carl-swanson on #194114

    Odd Gretchen- When I click on those links above, I get to my web site. Also, when I type the link(www.swansonharp.com) into the bar at the top of the page, I can get to my site. It’s just when I use google(and there may be other search engines as well), that I get sent to the gambling page. My web designer is still trying to figure out where the problem is. You can bet that there are many other legitimate sites that have been hijacked like mine.

    carl-swanson on #194119

    Well the problem seems to be solved!! For the moment at least. By a process of elimination, my web designer tracked it down to Godaddy, which holds the domain name. Hopefully this won’t happen again.

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