Watermark by Enya

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    nancy nitta on #152266

    Hello! Can anyone please tell me if it’s possible to play Enya’s song- Watermark, on lever harp?

    mark-andersen on #152267

    Hi Nancy,

    The piece is in the key of F with an occasional Eb and Db thrown in but as long as you tune your B, E, and D string to their flats you should be fine. Start the piece with the Bb and the E and D natural
    You’ll find that the opening section moves between the chords of F major and A minor then it moves through a Bb and Eb chord. At the end of the first section you’ll need the Db for a moment.. Start by picking out ONLY the melody:
    A C F G F E C etc. and you’ll soon find your way through the chords.

    All the best,

    barbara-brundage on #152268

    The sheet music for piano is readily available from many sources, and it works pretty well with very little editing.

    steven-todd-miller on #152269

    This is a great piece. I’ve been playing it for years. It makes a beautiful contrast to traditional classical wedding music for the unity candle. You can play through it a complete time with no awkward staring between the bride and groom waiting for you to finish.

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