Water related pieces

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    erin-wood on #146660

    I have been asked to perform in a program with a water theme. They suggested a song called Niagra Falls. What other water related pieces can you think of? La source, obviously. What else?

    In searching for material, I found a really cool picture of a harpist submerged under water with a supposedly water proof harp. http://blog.modernmechanix.com/2008/09/17/harp-under-water/

    I am surprised that didn’t catch on! I wouldn’t mind having a water proof harp!

    erin-wood on #146661

    And by La Source I am thinking of the one by Zabel, Hasselmans , and Vers La Source by Tournier, and I guess Little Fountain could be included too.

    kreig-kitts on #146662

    Trnecek’s transcription of Moldau?

    erin-wood on #146663

    The Moldau would be awesome! But I doubt I can learn it quickly enough.

    Amber M on #146664

    How about Valse des Ondines by Cecile Corbel?

    kreig-kitts on #146665

    Barcarolles also fit a water theme, and there are plenty of those in harp repertoire. The Mendelssohn?

    eliza-morrison on #146666

    It’s a piano piece, but Debussy’s “The Sunken Cathedral” is very watery! Salzedo made a transcription for multiple harps…don’t know if there’s a solo harp transcription out there…

    Eileen Monger on #146667

    What about one or more of the ‘Six Pièces’ by Jacques Ibert? They include Matin Sur L’Eau, En Barque Le Soir and Reflects Dans L’Eau, and Ballade sounds like a river, too…..

    unknown-user on #146668

    Dialogue with a Brook by Sylvia Woods from her book the Harp of Brandiswheire. It’s really pretty and sounds very watery!

    Han Hsieh on #146669

    Echoes of a Waterfall by John Thomas.


    erin-wood on #146670

    Wow, thank you for all the fabulous ideas! I think this could turn into a very nice program. It was great to see the link of the archive at BYU! I didn’t realize how many pieces they have archived.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #146671

    And please don’t forget that soggy old chestnut, “The Mermaid’s Song on the Banks of the River at the Spring in the Forest while Bathing” by Jan Fcedekl, the well-known Fredonian harp master who was Harpo Marx’s teacher in Animal Crackers.

    Susan Abken on #146672

    Karl Oberthuer’s “Play of the Waves” is very pretty, with two melodies intertwined, one in the RH and one in the LH. The RH melody is in the thumb. It’s in the album “Wedding Cake” with the green cover.

    kreig-kitts on #146673

    I was in Betty Paret’s Second Harp Book, and happened to see it has a collection of short pieces, “Three Sea Sketches”: “Dolphin in the Waves,” “The Bell Buoy Rings,” and “The White Gull’s Flight.” Pretty and not very difficult.

    Misty Harrison on #146674

    Debussy En Bateau transcription and others on Yolanda Kondanassis cd “Pictures of the Floating World” meaning songs about water

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