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    Deborah O. on #157141

    I was wondering if there are any free website hosting links you could recommend.

    Audrey Nickel on #157142

    There are lots of fee webhosting sites out there.

    Deborah O. on #157143

    Thanks for the info!

    tonie-ogimachi on #157144

    You might want try Google Sites, which is also free.

    unknown-user on #157145


    I would like to recommend you http://www.hpage.com . This website provider is guaranteed for free. It is very easy to create your website there and you have a lot of extras like a guestbook, a forum, backgroundmusic and many more. Moreover you have 300 MB storage space for free and the choice between more than 250 professional design templates.

    HBrock25 on #157146

    you can try this site http://www.thewebpole.com/

    Paul and Brenda on #157147

    We use Yolasite.com.

    Stephanie on #157148

    Try weebly.com.

    shelby-m on #157149

    I have used http://www.webs.com/ in the past. You have to buy a “premium membership” if you want a domain name that isn’t “www.yourname.webs.com” but the free version is fine.

    Jessica A on #157150

    If you decide to take down your web site, how do you do it?

    Jessica A on #157151

    I mean like if you start getting a lot of spam or stuff you don’t want, or maybe you want to use another place to make your web site.

    shelby-m on #157152

    With Webs, you go to your control panel and click the trash can icon next to the name of your site to delete it.

    emily-mcintyre on #157153

    I use hostmonster.com ($5 a month, paid every other year) for the webhosting and have a wix.com premium account for the design (also about $5 a month). You can see it here: http://www.emilymcintyre.com.

    I’ve been quite pleased with both except that now, as I’m working on SEO optimization, wix.com hasn’t been very cooperative; there is no option to create a google sitemap, which is necessary. So while I love their drag-and-drop design possibilities, I don’t recommend their services. I’ve been with Hostmonster for about four years I think and they’ve been great. Their support is quite helpful as well.

    Harper Cait on #157154

    Go to http://www.bandzoogle.com

    Natalya Zarraga on #157155

    I recently finished my own website, using http://www.wix.com. It’s a user-friendly platform for making a nice-looking Flash website for free, and you can use various services to make a free domain or url redirection if you like. I took a basic template and uber-customized mine with original artwork and stuff. I had fun designing my website. If you want to see my example, it’s http://www.natalyazarraga.tk

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