Wanted: Dusty Strings Walnut FH36, Rees Walnut Aberdeen, Webster 18th Century or Marini Roma Rosa Padauk Harp

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    l-gibson on #70476

    Wanted: Gently Used Dusty Strings Walnut FH36, Rees Walnut Aberdeen, Webster 18th Century, Webster Classic or Marini Roma Rosa Padauk Harp around $2,000 in the MD/PA/VA areas. Please email me if you know anyone parting with one of these harps. Thanks so much! :-)

    shelby-m on #70477

    A friendly warning: it will probably be hard to get a Dusty Strings Walnut FH36 in good condition for $2,000.

    l-gibson on #70478

    Hi! Yes, I realize it may be hard to find a Dusty36 Walnut

    rod-wagoner on #70479

    You might check with Meko and Allende Franco at Harpsforyou.com.

    l-gibson on #70480

    Oh fiddlesticks… it looks like I missed this beautiful Dusty Strings FH36 that sold for $2250 on eBay… if anyone sees another like this, please let me know! Thanks!


    tamara-murphy on #70481

    Hi there! I know this goes back to August, but did you ever find your harp? I may have a lead on a beautiful, perfect condition Rees Glen Aulin. If i remember, it was walnut and maple with their gorgeous decorative leaf pattern. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll track it down.

    Stephanie Hinshaw on #70482

    There is a Dusty Strings FH36S in Walnut for sale out in Chico, Ca for $3000.

    Anne Belliveau on #70483

    Hi Tamara!
    I am interested to find more out about this Glen Aulin!

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