Walter Krasicki Sr. of Venus Harps passed away September 27, 2010

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    phyllis-adams on #149346

    FYI – Walter Krasicki Sr. of Venus Harps passed away after a long battle with cancer on September 27th.

    jessica-wolff on #149347

    Thanks for spreading the word.

    unknown-user on #149348

    Condolences to the family – my thoughts are with you all during this time.

    John Strand

    mr-s on #149349

    my sorrow and big condolences to Mr Wally junior and to Denise and to the whole family, such a creative people pass away physically but keep in the memory of others for a long long period.

    delaine fedson on #149350

    The harp community has lost a good friend indeed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and loved ones.

    janelle-lake on #149351

    The Krasickis are so grateful to everyone for their condolences, kind words, and support.

    Irene C on #149352

    My condolences to the family on the passing of Mr. Krasicki Sr.

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