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    Not that I’m excited or happy or anything, but WAHOOOOOO!



    How cool to have it so close to home!


    Thanks Jennifer. So far it has really been just wonderful. The concert Monday night with jazz harps was really fabulous, and tonight’s was chamber music. The last piece was Judy Loman playing with a string quartet. The workshops have been good…..the concerts have been good……the vendors have been good…..and I bought a Webster harp.


    What syle of Webster did you get?


    I got his Cecilia. First I tried a smaller harp (because the purpose for this one is to take it around to the various schools in which I work to enhance the kids’ music education), but I fell in love with the Cecilia. He also has a FABULOUS McCall there, but I wasn’t prepared to spend that much. He is a really nice guy to deal with. The harp sounds amazing and feels amazing for it’s size….36 strings and realy good concert tension and spacing.



    Is it any wonder that I first spied Ms. Briggsie with hands on a Camac?


    Hi Diane! I was wondering if you had gotten home yet, and I’m glad you are home safely. It was really a pleasure meeting you and sharing time with you. Like you, I’m about halfway through the music I bought. Wasn’t Moretti just amazing?



    She was, indeed!


    I forget what you call that audible breath in yoga, but it works. I heard it also, and it worked for her. I was about 6 rows back to her right (about 5 rows in front of where Jakez was sitting). It was a good view and good for sound.


    That’s funny, I was sitting right next to Diane at the Moretti recital! Haha – I remember we were amazed by her feet, in those bright red heels!

    It was great to meet people from the Harp Column, but I didn’t get to meet everybody (I realized I didn’t know what some people look like!).

    Her playing was fantastic, and she was so relaxed and at ease. I spoke to her briefly (in French) at the reception, which was really nice. I am so glad I was able to go.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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