Wahoo! Tanglewood BUTI (once again….)

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    unknown-user on #167545

    Hi everybody!

    I got word the other day that I’ve been accepted to Tanglewood’s
    Young Artist’s Harp Seminar this summer (I posted about BUTI quite
    some time ago…) and I’m very excited! 6 weeks of lesson with Ann
    Hobson-Pilot, as well as lessons, seminars, classes and coachings
    with other well-respected harpists. Not to mention private BSO
    concerts nearly every night. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE BETTER?!?!?
    Nothing, that’s what! :-) But I do have a question to any one that
    has gone: What is the housing like, and do I need to bring my harp?
    I sent an e-mail to Tanglewood, but haven’t gotten a response. I’m a
    little concered: I’ve heard that housing is grouped by instrument…
    and since I’m probably going to be the only male harpist there….
    am I going to be all alone in a little cabin in the middle of the
    Berkshiere mountains?!?!…with all the wolves and foxes and other
    assorted deadly things? Hahah. Just wondering though. Also, are the
    harp cabins heated? Oh boy, I think I’m in over my head.

    Au revoir,


    carl-swanson on #167546

    Cher Steve- a l’age de 15 ans, tu n’as rien a craindre.

    Ann Marie Liss on #167547

    Meurs de rire!

    unknown-user on #167548

    Carl, what the HECK did you say? I Don’t speak French, I only know “au revoir” and other common phrases. I take Spanish in school. Care to translate?



    unknown-user on #167549

    Ok, after taking a nice trip to the ever-so-handy http://www.freetranslation.com , I entered in Carl’s text and got the following in excact words: “Dear Steve- has is a question of it 15 years, you have not nothing has to fear.

    unknown-user on #167550

    You will probably be in a large dormitory with everyone else, near the main grounds. You want to bring a bicycle, and LOTS of mosquito repellent. You will probably not be allowed to bring electronic equipment , just a portable fan, which you will need. You will want to position it at the foot of your harp when you practice so it blows up the sounding board and cools your head. Otherwise you will sweat all over your harp. It is very hot and humid. There is a beach, so bring a swimsuit. Bring books. There is a good library, music store that may have books. Lenox is expensive. Eating out will not be cheap. We had to get lunch on the grounds, which was very limited in menu. There’s a grocery in town that makes sandwiches. Also a bookstore, maybe a bakery next to it that was incredible. You will need light, cotton clothing, and warm jackets for nighttime, and a blanket for the ground. You will likely be listening to evening concerts from the lawn. I loved the vocal master classes with Phyllis Curtin. Attend the conducting classes if you can. Practice three hours in the morning after breakfast, which will be very early. Go to the grounds for lunch, swim and rehearsals/classes. Practice two more hours before dinner, then it’s concert time. You may be able to play chamber music with other people there. Bring a camera. Too bad you don’t get eight weeks with Miss Lawrence, like we did back in our day. I was there the same summer with Emily Halpern, Carolyn Mills and a lot of other students. Enjoy being in a place where classical music is the most important thing in the world.

    carl-swanson on #167551

    Well Steve- You DID say you wanted to study in france!

    carl-swanson on #167552

    By the way Steve- Ann Marie’s post just after mine says”I died laughing.

    unknown-user on #167553

    GREAT JOB STEVE!!!!!! -liz

    unknown-user on #167554

    Thanks every one! Saul your post was very informative. Unfortunately, I can’t ride a bike (isn’t that SAD?) but I’ll be sure to utilize all of your other suggestions. Thanks!



    brook-boddie on #167555

    Congrats, Steven!

    unknown-user on #167556

    Yes, yes!!

    unknown-user on #167557

    Oh my gosh yes! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go or not cause it’s $5,000, but I just got a letter saying that I got a $3,500 scholarship, which means I get to go! WOO-EEE!!! :-)

    Ann Marie Liss on #167558

    Hey, congratulations!

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