VSOI 2021

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #255227

    We will have a virtual VSOI (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Institute) 2021. The faculty will be meeting soon, but nothing has been posted to the web site yet.
    We are pleased to share that we will be going ahead with a Virtual VSOI again this summer! In collaboration with the VSO School of Music, we will also be adding an instructional stream for younger, less advanced players. The dates for VVSOI will be July 5-16, 2021. Much like last year’s program, we will aim to provide masterclasses, webinars, private lessons, and other valuable virtual experiences for our students. Depending on the Health guidelines, there may be in-person chamber music coaching as well.
    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh will be the harp coach again this summer.

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