Vocalise for Counternor and Harp

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    olliekkv on #192164


    A while back I wrote a short piece for Countertenor and Harp. It would be a massive help if anyone could give me any feed back on it 🙂

    Im a jazz trombonist with an interest in writing for the harp so any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.


    Gretchen Cover on #192175

    The harp part works really well. Congratulations on your harp scoring. I would love to hear this with viola or alto flute and harp. I am not knowledgable about singing and cannot comment on that. Thank you for sharing your music. Let us know if you publish it for sale.

    olliekkv on #192176

    Thanks! A viola arrangement would definitely be interesting! Im actually working on something for Harp and Viola at the moment.

    The piece is self published and will soon be available to buy from my website 🙂


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