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    unknown-user on #163863

    Just wanted to let folks know that a small group of beginners have formed a virtual harp circle on yahoogroups… (Virtual Harp Circle) as a place where we can compare notes, chat about music we are working, share our woes and accomplishments with a group who are all on the same level as each other. There are a lot of folks who have no harp circles near them (me being one of them) and after chatting with a couple friends have found we are all playing and learning the same music. We thought it would be fun to form a little group.

    I hope you will come by and meet us. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email.

    Cyndee in SC

    Ken H. on #163864

    Hi !

    My name is Ken H.

    unknown-user on #163865

    Hi Cyndee,
    Would love to be part of your group. How exactly would that work?

    Ken H. on #163866

    Hi Judy,

    Have you received any news on how to link up with “Virtual Harp Circle for beginners”?

    unknown-user on #163867

    Hi Ken
    haven’t received any news but visited the site – yahoogroups and then Virtual harp Circle.

    Ken H. on #163868

    Hi Judi,

    unknown-user on #163869

    I went to the Denwar site-very cool.

    unknown-user on #163870

    Hi Ken,

    Good to hear you are supporting Aussie made!! Yay! My sorta guy!

    I have heard of Denny’s harps. Not played one myself, but he is apparently a lovely person and good to deal with.

    When you get your harp I’d love to hear what you think of it.

    Best wishes,


    Ken H. on #163871

    Hi Judi,

    Ken H. on #163872

    Hi Curls,

    Yes I will let you know, and thanks for your interest.

    Kathleen Clark on #163875

    The Little King, I think is …

    The Good Little King of Y’vetot

    available at Sylvia Woods Harp Center

    catherine-rogers on #163876

    You can get all these from Lyon & Healy, although I don’t know what the Jungle Scenes are. Does sound slightly familiar though…


    sherry-lenox on #163877

    Is this excerpted/simplified in Suzuki I? I just learned it!

    karen-conoan on #163878

    The “Jungle Scenes” that I have is composed by Betty Paret.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #163879

    Hi Hannah,

    Le petit Roi d’Yvetot

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