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    Any violin players out there?


    I think it depends on the person how difficult an instrument seems.


    Bowed strings can be fun to play. I played viola before taking up the harp and for a while after. I only quit because I moved where there wasn’t an amateur group that fit my skill level (all either really serious, or low level that I wouldn’t have found challenging), and I wanted to have more time practicing the harp as much as I I thought my goals would require.

    If you want to play in an orchestra, the bowed strings play almost nonstop, and the violins play some of the most difficult parts (lots of fast runs etc.), so you’ll have a lot of practicing to do to learn the music


    Adult beginners on violin generally would not progress well. Young people who begin as early as possible have the necessary joint flexibility to handle two completely different tools- bow for right hand with great

    Philippa mcauliffe

    I have horrible memories of trying to play the violin and the


    I do not mean to be negative but to play the violin well is a huge undertaking. (Even sort of well.) I think learning to fiddle is a much easier task. I played violin briefly as a kid and have watched and taken notes as my now 13 year old who began at age 4 has grown into a serious violinist. There is a lot to know. I used to try and play it a bit in the begnning and then he got into all those upper postions and I was lost. The bowing alone is a huge thing. Having said that there are a few dedicated adults in the string school my kids attend and they started as adults. The kids always blow past them but a few of them have hung in there and a couple even play with the youngest orchesta now. I have always wanted to play the cello. So my solution to that was to have my other child play


    Thanks all – think I’ll stick with the harp.

    Sid Humphreys

    lol, yes Kay they are!

    I thought it would be “fun” to buy a cello and learn to play it… I have a strong music background, how hard could it be? The cello makes a lovely decoration in my living room now! I do keep it tuned and play Mary Had a Little Lamb


    Regarding the problem of finding the notes–I played fretless banjo with no trouble because I already played guitar and your ear tells you when a note is off.

    However, other issues (the caterwauling on a high-pitched instrument, the bowing) present additional problems.

    Notice that quite a few folks like the cello. So do I (most guitarists like it).


    you made the right decision Kay.


    Had a try at my friends violin . . . my hats off to all of you violin players.


    cello has the most beautiful sound of anything on earth

    Stephen Conor

    I am planning to study violin. Any thoughts?

    Madeline Davis

    Violin doesn’t seem to have the advantage of the harp of naturally sounding nice when playing Twinkle…definitely not easy, though not so

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