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    Laura Wilson on #166667

    Hello! My sister, a cellist, received a dvd for Christmas that featured a great cellist (I don’t remember his name) playing some well-known cello music. I was wondering if there’s anything like that out there for harp. I’d love to see Susan McDonald or some other great harpist play some important pieces in the pedal harp repertoire.

    unknown-user on #166668

    I’m just wondering is the cellist name Yo-you Ma….? Anyway I do know of one harpist that has a dvd

    Laura Wilson on #166669

    Ladbrooke, the cellist is Rostropovich;

    carl-swanson on #166670

    Laura- There’s a wonderful 10 minute film that was made in the early 1940’s of Mildred Dilling playing 3 pieces. It was transfered onto DVD and the owner of the film gave me a copy. I’m hoping that it becomes commercially available at some point because it shows Mildred at the peak of her playing abilities. There are very few people around today who remember her at that time in her life. She was a marvelous harpist with a great technique.

    unknown-user on #166671

    I know this thread is 8 months old, but I wanted to bump it, as I have the same question.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166672

    It costs a lot to produce them. There is a ten-minute video from television of Miss Lawrence that I wish someone would put on YouTube already. I don’t have a video drive in my computer.

    unknown-user on #166673

    Production costs would make it hard.

    Indra Prabowo on #166674

    Dell, have you considered to download those videos on Youtube? Check this link:
    I’ve download several videos from Youtube and am very delighted to enjoy those videos at anytime even when I’m not connected to the Internet.

    unknown-user on #166675

    Thank you Indra!

    Christian Frederick on #166676

    Hey, check out the unique way this guy plays a harp!

    lionel-vargas on #166677

    There are DVDs of Miss McDonald playing some important harp repertoire and the Debussy Danses. It is amazing to watch her play flawlessly at her current age and she is very inspirational. You will definitely enjoy them. Also, the BYU harp archives sell DVDs of BYU students playing ensemble and solo harp music.

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