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    Becky Folsom on #164033

    Hi everyone! I just joined today and I am finding out so much information, tools, recommendations and advice that I need.

    My harp background: I have music background (accordion/piano) since 5 and didn’t play harp until college, played for only one semester on a L&H pedal, picked it up really fast and by the end of the semester I was playing hymn renditions/composing and performing at recitals.

    It’s almost 10 years later and I have not touched a harp since. I’ve decided that I seriously want to pursue harp therapy and have an interest in vibroacoustic harp therapy (healing with sound/vibration). I am looking into some harp therapy programs (IHTP), local lessons, finding a harp (I don’t have one!), etc.

    Does anyone have experience with harp therapy that could give me some good advice (career wise). I also plan on playing for weddings, etc. to help with costs. I already know several classical pieces, and like to play David Lanz and Debussy

    Audrey Nickel on #164034

    There are several small harps that would suit your needs and not be too much to lug around.

    unknown-user on #164035


    I am selling a Thormahlen Cygnet which would make a wonderful therapy harp!

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