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    unknown-user on #163887

    New to harping (though SO says not so) and to posting. I have disengaged all the levers and now can’t remember how to get back to C. Really emabarrassed to tell my harp teacher, well to tell anyone. I have no musical theory, but since going through major surgery have found the harp very healing, other than my frustrations with lack of musical knowledge.

    sherry-lenox on #163888

    Hi Judeth- Lots of us newbies have to come to our harps after life changing events, and found that the harp itself can be the most life changing of all.

    If your harp is tuned in Eb, you need to raise 2 levers before the red C strings and one before the blue/black F strings. Try that, play a scale, and see if it sounds right. If not, let us know. Your teacher will not embarrass you- I have a degree in music education and it took me a long time to figure the levers out, and I’m not always sure even now. Keep us posted!

    unknown-user on #163889

    Thanks so much Sherry. the music is so much improved! This is important for us novices (and those who listen to us.)


    sherry-lenox on #163890

    glad to help!

    rod-c on #163891



    jennifer-buehler on #163892

    Even experienced lever/pedal harpists will have levers or pedals marked at the beginning of the piece.

    unknown-user on #163893

    My goodness, sounds like you may have had that experience
    Cheers and thanks for the encouragement from all

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