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    unknown-user on #167368

    What do xou think of Venusharps?

    unknown-user on #167369

    Dear Christina

    I want to write that I love Venus harps.

    unknown-user on #167370

    What a kind, gentle, and reasoned response from Ms. Krasicki.

    unknown-user on #167371

    I’ve noticed that people who own Venus harps seem to like them a lot.

    unknown-user on #167372

    K L…

    M Rodgers on #167373

    Although I currently have 2 elderly L&H harps I have heard Venus harps and appreciate

    unknown-user on #167374

    I am committed to Lyon & Healy harps as an artist because of their sound and quality over the years, despite problems with their service at times. I only wish Venus could figure out how to make their harps as beautiful sounding and looking. I would love to be able to buy their harps. I think they may attract some derision only because they are seen to be of lower quality. I wish that weren’t true. I have heard some very good Venus harps. When I tried one at the Conference, I was immediately struck by the poor tone quality and the hostile comment of the salesman before I had the chance to say anything nice about it. I have heard very negative things about the construction of some of the other brands, and none of us need to buy harps that won’t hold up with use. I think we all want them all to do excellent work, it is to our benefit. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be possible. It takes a lot of investment and genius to make a great harp, it seems.

    unknown-user on #167375

    To Aubrey and K.L.

    It seems you think the long response I wrote was was actually written by Denise Krasicki.

    unknown-user on #167376

    I have three Lyon & Healy harps of my own.

    unknown-user on #167377

    It is always important to compare harps in the same acoustic environment to have an accurate comparison. I think it is absolutely true that very few non harpists can tell the difference between makes. I’m sorry to hear that some brands are criticized in an exaggerated manner. It is a waste of time and not accurate to describe a harp as “a cigar box with rubberbands”, etc. I have a number of friends in Ron Price’s Healing Harps with Venus Harps and their harps have an dark timbre that I find interesting. I saw a performance of Vangelis’ Mythodea on PBS and noticed that every harp in the orchestra (there were at least four) was a Venus Harp. The piece was written to commemorate NASA’s mission to Mars. I wondered if choice of harp was deliberate or an amazing coincidence.

    katherine-willow on #167378

    i love venus harps.

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