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    Cora Wiese

    I am looking for a harp to play in a youth orchestra, and I was wondering if the Venus Seraphim is a good choice. If anyone owns/has tried a Venus or this particular model, what would you say about it?

    I also am considering a used Lyon and Healy 85XP (40 strings, petite, extended base), but the relatively small difference in price is enough to make the Seraphim look more reasonable. Thoughts?

    Later on, I am planning to play the harp in college, but not study it.


    I recently bought one and am enjoying it. I am a student, and will probably never play professionally, so it is fine for me. The woman I bought it from went to the Venus showroom and played many harps there. She chose this over much more expensive models because she was impressed with the sound quality. My only complaint is that the pedals seem stiff and uneven. They “stick” a bit in certain places which makes the pedaling seem clunky. On my teachers harp the pedals move very smoothly and easily. The harp tech guy said he might be able to adjust this some. Also, the Valkyrie strings often squeak like crazy when I play, but thats a string issue. The people at Venus said no one else has ever complained about the strings. So I guess it’s not a problem for others. Im still trying to resolve it. Visually, the harp is stunning. It’s well made and has beautiful protection and clear tone. For the low price I paid, I don’t know if I would have found a better one. I’d recommend it.

    re your “sticky” pedals – back plate screw adjustments have loosened up the pedal action on one of my harps – on yours it might be combined with some needed pedal rod adjustments – don’t know how old your harp is – an experienced harp tekkie should be able to make the necessary adjustments – just be sure it’s somebody who is really knowledgeable about these kinds of “fine tuning” adjustments –

    Cora, since you are planning to play in an orchestra, you may well need more than 40 strings….more even than the 42 of the Seraphim.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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