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    Louis Venus on #186959

    Hi, I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who has a Venus harp especially those of you in the UK.

    eliza-morrison on #186965

    I am not in the UK (not at the moment, anyway!) but I do have a Venus Encore and I am very pleased with it. It has a big, majestic sound and an especially beautiful upper register which is both clear and warm. I take it to gigs where a lot of volume is required, but its sound is gorgeous as well as having power and projection.

    patricia-jaeger on #186968

    I am not in the U.K either and I also have a Venus Encore, that I bought used about ten years ago. It has a 7th octave low C at the bottom and I don’t miss the 00G top string at all, that a 47-string harp would have. I have had absolutely no maintenance problem, the sound is beautiful and mellow. There are fancier models but I don’t need a showy instrument; I try to play my best, and this is my second instrument, after violin. It is a help that it does not weigh as much as some other pedal harps, as I am not an athletic type; I can get this one into a Camry 1992 station wagon. Visiting harpists have borrowed it for concerts here in my city and have had no trouble with it, even praising the more roomy right hand playing space in the top strings area, than some other companies provide.

    Sylvia on #186972

    Wow, a ’92 Toyota. Mine is a ’95 Honda wagon, and I thought I had the oldest car around. I have a lot repairs, but I’ll never part with it.

    kreig-kitts on #187034

    I have a Venus concert grand that is over 30 years old and has held up very well structurally. It has a very good tone. The upper octaves have a nice ring to them, which is probably helped by the fact that I use nylon strings in the 2d octave and above, and I can play well with aggressive or soft attacks in the high range. The tension is a bit lighter than other pedal harps I’ve played, which I find very good for fast arpeggios, trills, and harmonics. Like many harps that play easily, it can be overplayed in the middle register if you try to force it. I can rip away in the bass and higher ranges, however, and produce a sweet, resonant tone in the middle range without straining. Upper octave right hand space is pretty good. Not as good as a Camac, but better than many harps and you can actually play up there.

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