Venezuelan Harp Help!

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    unknown-user on #157715

    I just was given a venezuelan harp.

    zoraida-avila on #157716

    George, look at this web
    unfortunatelly it’s in spanish, but I hope you can translate it.

    Liam M on #157717


    Just looked through Zora’s site, I speak Spanish fluently and lived in Venezuela for years, (Hola Zora, Como estais vos!). Sadly not a whole lot of help there for you. However, from my experience the Venezuelan harp is close to the Peruvian harp and I believe shares common ancestory

    angel-tolosa on #157718

    Hello, how are you? mi name is Angel tolosa, i playing venezuelan Harp, i teaching venezuelan harp, I´m venezuelan harp soloist, best regards.

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