Venezuelan harp?

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    Andelin on #205955

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I was contacted by a woman near me who has bought a Venezuelan harp off eBay. She wasn’t sure how to tune it so I went to see what I could do. It was…interesting.  There was one black string st the top and some different colored string sets at the bottom–4 greens together, and a set of 5-6 blue strings at the bottom.  I don’t remember exactly. Has anyone ever seen a harp like this?  Without the red and black strings we weren’t sure what notes we were supposed to tune to. Anyone have any info or resources?  I couldn’t find anything online. Thanks!</p>

    Biagio on #206336

    Andelin, I don’t have any specific references for you but here is a place to start:

    You/she might also try contacting some Latin American harp virtuosos specifically: two whom might be helpful are Alfredo Ortiz and John Lozier.

    Geoff Welham has published a string chart for his Paraguayan harps that might possibly be helpful: notice that the range includes Bb and Cs are blue, Fs red.

    Hope this can get her started….


    Angel Tolosa on #218433

    Dear Andelin,

    How are you? I am Venezuelan harpist, I could to help to your friend about the harp.My website is


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