Valse des Ondines – Cecile Corbel – my latest song addiction

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    deb-l on #157937

    I just got my sheet music from Cecile’s website from France yesterday.

    helen-rudd on #157938

    I love this song as well. Do you play it with her fingering? I only stopped making mistakes when I got rid of her fingering. The muffling in the second bit was interesting to learn as well. On her cd it sounds like a percussive buzz which was difficult to replicate since we are used to attempting to minimize buzz.

    deb-l on #157939

    ah so I’m not alone in my love of this song!

    holly-kemble on #157940

    You two have peaked my curosity! I’m always on the lookout for great harp music to learn.

    Is this piece suitable for lever harp…or for pedal only?


    deb-l on #157941

    yes it’s for lever harp, the only place I could find the music is on her website.

    harpglo-jean on #157942

    I am obsessed with, and would love to find the sheet music for “Six Ribbons” by Jon English, but have been unsuccessful in my search.

    deb-l on #157943


    I found where you can download it,

    harpglo-jean on #157944

    Thanks Deb, I actually tried that website numerous times, even signed up, emailed the person who has that sheet music, with the offer of a trad, and nothing happened, but thanks anyway!…..Gloria

    helen-rudd on #157945

    There is a harpist playing it on youtube- you might try asking her where she got the music

    harpglo-jean on #157946

    I did ask her (you can see my post there) and she said she would send me her version and never did, and I’m not into “bugging”…but may ask her one more time… and, thanks anyway!

    deb-l on #157947

    Helen, do you use Cecile Corbel’s fingering when she does the ornamentation of repeatedly plucking the A string in the first part of Valse de Ondines all with the second finger?

    deb-l on #157948

    finally got this song down.

    deb-l on #157949

    never mind my silly question about what arrangements to work on next.

    Rachel on #157950

    Besides New Blues by Deborah Henson-Conant, you can try Latin Groove by John Metras, Epices (two volumes) by Bernard Andres, and Easy Swing by Jakez Francois (there’s a nice little ragtime piece in that collection)

    deb-l on #157951

    thanks Rachel, these all sound like interesting and different selections.

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