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    unknown-user on #168111

    hey every one.

    I just got an email from someone that wants me to play at thier
    wedding in a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I am in massachusetts and
    the wedding is inew jersey. I went on mapquest dot com and it says
    its approximately 220 miles away from my house.

    I charge $200 for a wedding. But, this one is TWO hours long and 220
    miles away… so I was wondering what I should charge, or if my
    policy was a good one. I told her it we could do $200 plus a dollar
    every mile we travel, making the final price $420. It was just
    something that I thought of. Does any think this is a good policy,
    or do you have any of your own that you would like to share?

    thank you!

    unknown-user on #168112

    Ut oh.

    Laurie Muirhead on #168113

    220 miles is one-way; what about the round trip of 440 miles?

    patricia-jaeger on #168114

    Steven, I agree with Alicia’s response to your plight. It is too far, and in such a case, simply refer that job to a New Jersey harpist. If you belong to American Harp Society, you have a blue directory

    unknown-user on #168115

    well thanks, guys, I ended up turning the job down. So, I went on the harppconnection dot com, and got a list of new jersey harpists, and emailed it to the bride. Every thing worked out fine. $420 really isnt worth all the abuse towards me, my harp and my car. 🙂

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