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    rosemarie donatelli on #195047

    Hello everyone. I have a harp dolly – I’ve had it for 16 years of playing gigs! I work full time and am a mom to 3 so I only play out about 5 times a year. I was thinking I should get the felt redone and the straps made longer. Just wondering what type of place do you think I should take the dolly too? I am sure no where has ever done this before – but just wanted to get some guidance if any of you have had this done.


    Thanks a bunch, Rose 🙂

    Andelin on #195060

    I would try an upholstery type shop.  They will probably have the heavy-duty tools needed for a job like that.


    Or or perhaps you can do all/part of the work yourself?  A local fabric store should have the materials you need, or you can look online.

    christine-holvick on #195076

    I attend to my own trusty harp cart.  And if you either skip or hang with me for seven sentences, I’ll tell you why.  I padded the metal parts of a simple hardware store hand truck with the dense mat they use under competition gymnastic “free-ex” blue carpeting.  That white padding was the secret to longevity.  I held that in place with twine and silver duct tape followed by heavy dark brown cotton fabric so it would look good sitting on the side of a stage.  I’ve never had to replace the foam-like padding or tape.  I merely re-sew the heavy fabric covering it as it wears.  I’ve had it 53 years (since I was a pollywog) and pushed harps around the moon at least three times.  It looks perfect.  My point is, if you can do the upkeep yourself, you will be able to keep it looking presentable for gigs.  (Or if your kids went to a Waldorf School, you can bribe them to mend your harp cart AND your gowns which is what I figured out this year.)  Strangely, my hand truck slides snugly (thus it’s sexy strapless) under the pillars on all my harps – except my 1976 square front L.H. style 100.  Unfortunately, because I’ve been moving that harp more frequently, it is in need of  its own designated traditional harp cart.

    Why can’t I find any used harp carts?!  I’ve been looking for a couple years now.  My dependable work-horse dolly doesn’t fit under the aforementioned harp above.  I hate the idea of having to purchase a new cart just for one harp.  How can there be so many used harps for sale, but no used harp carts for sale?  Huh?  I guess the only people who ever sale harps are people who never perform outside their living rooms, or they are married to the big hulk.  Oh…duh…harpists don’t die.

    Also a harping mom of 3,

    Christine Holvick

    Tacye on #195077

    My harp trolley was 2nd hand: it was included when I bought a harp 2nd hand.  Which is I suspect what mostly happens.

    When it needs attention I do it myself – so suspect what you need is any versatile and handy person.

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