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    Basel had wanted to post here yesterday, but has very limited access to the internet, and only through his mobile phone, so I’ve offered to be his voice in this community.

    Most important news – he and his family are safe. The war came to his street yesterday, with a tank parked right in front of his home. Neighbors homes have been damaged and it sounds like there is some looting of abandoned homes. He had the opportunity to escape, and he and his family made the excruciating decision to do so, knowing they were leaving behind all of their worldly possessions to an unknown fate. It is tearing Basel up, imagining the loss of both of his harps and all of his music. What he wanted to post about yesterday was advice: has anyone ever been through an experience where their harps were damaged, or at least faced the fear of losing everything they left behind while escaping danger like violent weather or a fire? How did you cope?

    I will forward all kind thoughts and shared wisdom to him as you post.


    No advice but please if you have contact with him again share our love and sympathy.


    Praying for Basel and his family!


    No one can take away what is most important, your value as a human being and your passion for your music and for those dear to you.

    Music will always be yours, in your heart, as a comfort in the worst trouble.

    Those of us who have followed the terrible events that have befallen you are feeling the geatest relief that you and your dear ones are in safety.

    In the worst of situations, harps and music copies can be restored or replaced, and we will all be praying that the time will soon come again when we can be sharing stories about all of the musical things we love.

    Courage, and solace in the encouragement that we are all thinking of you and hoping for the best.

    Jerusha Amado

    Thank you for the update, Diane!

    I will continue to pray for Basel and his family (including his harp family).


    Diane- Thank you so much for the update. I was really worried because Basel usually called me about once a week, and I haven’t heard from him in a long time now. This is just awful. His whole life has been disrupted and when this is all over I’m afraid he will have to start all over again finding another harp. But thank God he and his family are safe.


    There is SO much going on in the Eastern part of the world – remind me where Basel is from please.



    Syria.Homs to be exact, which is the epicenter of all of the resistance to the regime.

    Philippa mcauliffe

    Oh dear Diane, that is very sad to hear.


    Do please keep us posted. When he is settled somewhere, I’ll sort through my music library and see what I’m ready to part with. If he wants any of it, I’ll happily ship it off to him.

    I hope he had insurance. Long story short: some years back one of my harps was destroyed in a vehicle fire. It was a tough time, but I was able, with the help of friends and colleagues in the harp world, to replace that harp with three that I prize and cherish just as much as I did the one that got burnt.

    Moral of the story: sometimes, when you least expect it, something goes right.


    Basel called me tonight. I’m not going to put anything up here until this whole mess is over because I don’t want to say anything that will get him into trouble. But I’m sick with worry over his situation. It’s dire.


    After seeing this mornings news I am just horrified at the situation and praying that he and his family are as safe as it is possible to be. If anyone gets to speak to him please let him know there are many strangers out here sending love and prayers to him and his family.


    Just after midnight Monday night and I am listening to NPR discuss the Syrian situation especially concerning the area Basel is in – it just seems to get more and more dire and dangerous for the civilians – a desperate situation for all those folks with no solution in sight –


    I just saw that Basel was listed as on line with the column.

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