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    E Moody on #147797

    Does anyone know of a transcription of Tzigane for solo harp and violin, and if so, who arranged it? Thanks!

    eliza-morrison on #147798

    I’ve played it with orchestra…do you mean without orchestra?

    patricia-jaeger on #147799

    I have the Durand (France) publication of Tzigane, for violin and piano. On the first page is printed: violon et piano (ou Lutheal). There is the word luth in my 1946-page Oxford-Hachette French-English dictionary, published in 1994, translated as “Lute” but Lutheal is not there. It would seem that the piano part may be played by harp with some adaptation of the fingering and voicing, using this edition. The piano part is 17 pages long.

    barbara-brundage on #147800

    Hi, Patricia. The lutheal was a special kind of prepared piano. There’s one at the Conservatory in Brussels, but that’s one of the very few left.

    barbara-brundage on #147801

    Oh, found a wikipedia article about it:éal

    patricia-jaeger on #147802

    Thank you so much, Barbara!

    Alison on #147803

    I heard that on the radio recently and the piano reduction replaced the orchestra, including harp excerpts, so I can’t see how a harpist could play all that, too thick a texture and far too much to play, I’d say…

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