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    I wonder if there is anyone who has (had) two harp teachers at the same time and how they manege(d) to do that.

    I am from


    I will tell you that when I was in college, if a student took lessons from someone in addition to the college professor, they were dismissed from school!

    If the two teachers had different ideas about doing the same thing, how would you decide which one to listen to? It seems as though one teacher is teaching technique from the Russian School and one from another method. How will you decide which to pursue?

    Do you have a harp? If not, the money saved by studying with the teacher in Belgium might help you get your harp sooner.

    I place a lot of confidence in a teacher, so it would be very difficult to try to “serve two masters”.


    I agree with the post above, regarding two live teachers. However, exceptions can be made in certain cases such as as a student who is an elderly beginner (I have a 91-year old), and also a young beginner, when these students of yours can only come once every two weeks. It is helpful to them to watch a DVD of the basic harp technique made by another prominent teacher, at home. There are several of these in the U.S., along with the beginner level harp books. I


    If you are comfortable with both teachers and see the value learned from each, then continue what you’re doing.

    Janna B.

    I have worked with two harp teachers at once. I was learning the Ceremony of Carols and my teacher recommended I take several lessons from another, more prominent harp teacher who had performed it much much more. They were mutually respectful of each other and it worked out well, although it was not long term.

    If you are learning two different styles from your different teachers I would suggest doing something like studying the blues in the summer, but the Russian method during the school year. This way the teachers are not directly conflicting.


    My daughter studied her instrument with two teachers and derived tremendous benefit from their different approaches. They were friends and colleagues, so there was no undermining of the other. It sounds like your two teachers are covering very different material. The situation could work very well if there is no resulting confusion.


    This could be a great thing or a terrible thing depending on the teachers and what aspects they are covering.

    I was teaching an 11 year old boy guitar and his mother decided to take him to another teacher as well (nothing against me, but two teachers are better than one, right?). I spent the next 3 lessons explaining to the kid the other teachers stuff, because he wasn’t getting it.

    After the third session like that, I said “hey your other teacher is doing such a great job, you don’t need me any more”.

    I can see that it could work though, and in a period where I was doing serious piano study, I had two different teachers with great success. They were both covering very different ground though.

    I would say, as long as you are happy and getting somewhere you should go for it.

    regards, adam


    I don’t understand the numbers here. One teacher is 1,000e per lesson and the other is 164e? I would like to get 1,000e per lesson.

    But seriously, you are being self-serving and disrespectful of your teachers.


    Harp seems to be different from flute or voice, where multiple teachers is the norm for some reason. Two different harp techniques at the same time are not compatible. It is hard enough to master one. If the one is not sufficient, then you should learn a different approach.


    Thank you for all the (different) responses.

    I have had a few lessons in Belgium now and I have learned many new things. I am comfortable with my – very good – harp teachers and I learn a lot of them.

    In Belgium the government supports music (and art) schools financially. That’s why you only pay 164 Euros for a year (19 hours of harp lessons). In the Netherlands you have to pay it all by yourself (1000 – 1300 Euros for the same amount of harp lessons). The harp-ensemble lessons are not expensive there (about 170 Euros a year / 19 x 1 hour and

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