Two harp stands from $5 Barstool

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    hearpe on #190217

    Got a $5 stool on Craigslist, and decided I could make not one, but two harp stands-

    One for Roosebeck 29

    and the other for Mikel Celtic 34

    Since the Celtic 34 was too big for the top of the stool I added a piece of wood to the cutoff bottom part. It all took about a half hour.

    hearpe on #190218

    hearpe on #190219

    With both stands, I am not going to secure the harp to the base, because I still lean the harp back when I sit in a chair. They work pretty well!

    Mikel Celtic says they have 10″ optional legs (“not always available”) I think I’d have to order from Pakistan, and I think you have to remove the feet already there- My stand is 11″ from floor to the top
    the top part of the barstool left for the Roosebeck 29 measures just over 18″ high.

    balfour-knight on #190221

    This is very resourceful, Hearpe! Thanks for posting all the photos, too. Did you end up keeping the Eve 22, and will she fit on the taller stand?

    hearpe on #190222

    Yes I still have the Eve22 and often play that in an easy chair, I suppose it will fit on the taller stand if I want.

    I may actually sell the Roosebeck 29 if anyone’s interested. I had ordered that when the Mikel Celtics were listed. Brand new but too late to return.

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