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    I see several books of them listed in the LH catalog, and I’m wondering if anyone knows any that are pretty easy to play.
    I have some that someone copied out and gave me many years ago…but I don’t know whose book they were from…My Dancing Day, Banks and Braes, To Portsmouth are a few of them …Sharon Watson perhaps. Anyway, I’d like to find more that are similar in difficulty.


    Yes, those are the ones I have.
    I’d like to find more that are similar in difficulty.


    Sylvia, here are a few suggestions:
    Stage One Duos: classics by Mozart, Bach etc. Stephanie Curcio Publications
    These are printed as lever-harp with flute or violin; however the melody part played by another lever harp in octaves using both hands, is equally good

    La Joyeuse , lever harp duet in D, by Rameau arr. Salzedo. Lyra Press

    Duos Plus for harp and piano or second harp, Vol. 1 by Betty Paret. Lyra Music Co.
    All 10 selections except the Schubert Ave Maria, easily managed by two lever harps.

    The Blue Danube, Duet for lever harp and pedal harp. Strauss arr. by Louise Trotter.
    Pedal harp part easily managed on a lever harp up to measure 99 (glissandos) .

    Polka in C by Jacques Press. Two or more lever harps.

    Light Classics for Troubadour Harps, Duet or Ensemble, arr. by Bonnie Biggs. Lyon and Healy, 1984.

    Fun With Two Harps, Duets for the Troubadour Harp. Arr. Louise Trotter.(Londonderry Air, Aura Lee, O Susanna, Cielito Lindo, Happy Birthday, The Eyes of Texas)

    Eleanor and Marcia Duet by Marcel Grandjany. Pub. M. Baron, NYC, 1947 Easy, for lever harps in E flat.

    Les Agneaux Dansent (Dancing Lambs) for two harps with or without pedals. By Marcel Grandjany. Pub. O. Pagani and Bro. Inc. New York City 1971.

    Morning Mood by Edvard Grieg, arranged for two harps by Shari Pack. Lever harps just need occasional C, F, or G levers. Pax Publishing, Rexburg, Idaho 83440

    Serenade (Staendchen) from the Mozart opera Don Juan, arranged as a harp duet by the late Erich Schubert. Lever harpists need occasional F,C,G, and D levers.

    Slightly more difficult but very melodious and lively works arranged by the late Erich Schubert of Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrol area (seek a publisher there)
    Ausgewaehlte Harfenduos – 6 Stuecke (Collection of selected harp pieces as duets.)
    Waltzes and wedding music from that region.


    There are some wonderful duets by Alfredo Ortiz, Janet Witman and Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher. Anna Dunwoodie has published a great book called Junior Harp Ensembles. Patrice Fisher has a good collection called Celtic Salsa.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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