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    Indra Prabowo

    It’s a title from Deborah Friou’s Harp Exercises. One page more and I’ll be on that piece. One thing I’m sure to know that it’s in Welsh. Anyone can help me how to pronounce it and what it means?



    Well, my Welsh isn’t all that great, but if I recall that means ‘The Dimpled Cheek’.

    Explaining the pronunciation is a bit tricky. Particularly the first word. That double ‘l’ is an aspirated L. You say it by forming the mouth and tongue the way you would to say an L, but you just kind gently blow around the tongue without actually saying anything.

    The closest most English speakers can get is to say it like an L with a th before it. The W is pronounced kind of like oo

    So something like Toothl un ay boch (the ch in ‘boch’ is like in the Scottish ‘Loch’).

    Indra Prabowo
    Participant sounds quite complicated! But thanks for your explanation, Tony.
    I don’t usually care to title for beginner’s music. To me pretty much of them are just nonsense and have a few (if not at all) relationship to the music. But this one really tickle my curiosity nerve :-)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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