Trouble with Salvi Ana stringslevers

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    HBrock25 on #159476

    Hello fellow harpists!

    I recently purchased a 6 month old Salvi Ana lever harp, and it seemed to be absolutely wonderful at first.

    kathy-chanik on #159477

    Emily, unfortunately these are all pretty common issues with the Ana’s.

    Emily N. on #159478

    Ok thank you very much.

    Tacye on #159479

    Just to confirm that you always tune the harp with all the levers

    Emily N. on #159480

    That’s a great idea – I will definetly try to tune it with all the levers down!

    I try to keep the temperature and humidity very stable. I have a humidifier in the room with my harp. Although, I have been transporting my harp alot lately. Perhaps going out into the harsh winter cold could be part of the problem.

    Great suggestions! Thank you very much!

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